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Updated "Performance Measures" in OnCorps Reports

To better align with changes in Performance Measure reporting, we've streamlined our PM forms and reports for 2015-16.

While the new, simplified template is now the DEFAULT, if your prior PM's from last year reference additional data collection fields, you will continue to see those --unless you re-enter your PM's using the new template.

This is because OnCorps transfers over all approved PM's from year to year automatically. If you're unsure whether to use the new format for entering in your 2015-16 Performance Measures, check with your Program Officer.

*Programs may want to continue using the older form-- since your grant may reference specific progress indicators no longer available on this new template.

If you have questions about this changeover, contact our help desk!

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Custom Project for Data Collection
Wed, Feb 17 1:00-2:00 PM CDT
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This webinar will demonstrate and discuss the functionality of previous custom projects we have done. The spring is when OnCorps begins planning custom work for the next program year, so this training is intended to provide ideas about the possibilities.

If you ARE hoping to develop a project with us this year, we are looking for finalized requirements by May 15 in order to ensure completion in time for the beginning of the next program year. Please let us know about any requests ASAP.

Using Messaging Tools in OnCorps Reports
Wed, Feb 24 1:00-2:00 CDT
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This webinar will walk users through the different channels available to users for information sharing within OnCorps Reports, including:
1) Website Page
2) Resource Page
3) Calendar Page
4) Survey Tools
5) File Sharing (Pd and Staff Only)
We will also cover some easy HTML tags you can add to make the layout of your website or resource page pop.

Note: All times are "Central"- CDT